Tube Screen

For any film or television writer or director, nothing identifies a location as being in London quicker than the inclusion of an Underground station or train. Some have chosen real examples, whether as originals, stand-ins, or back-lot and studio sets; others have created their own, again with a variety of methods of realisation. A few have even used more unfamiliar examples of Underground architecture to portray something different.... or even quite alien....

Due for release in mid-2019, Tube Screen documents over 650 different appearances of the London Underground, London Overground, and Docklands Light Railway, and in films, television, commercials, and music videos, identifying locations, infrstructure, and rolling stock. For a number of productions, comparison is made with original scripts - many of them unpublished - where they clarify what it seen on screen, or where the original intention was to depict something different, including unused scenes.


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The Underground in Films & TV



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