Turn the Key Softly [1953 feature film]

Inmates Monica Marsden (Yvonne Mitchell), Granny Quilliam (Kathleen Harrison), and Stella Jarvis (Joan Collins) are released from HM Prison Holloway, with the first two heading - appropriately enough - for Holloway Road Piccadilly line station, although the fact that they have to reach it by crossing from the east side of holloway Road itself suggests that they took a bit of a circuitous route. They then catch a train to Holborn, where Monica leaves Granny to travel on to Shepherd's Bush, while she herself exits the station via the escalators.

Later, Stella and her boyfriend, Bob (Glyn Houston), part company outside Leicester Square station.

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Although clearly supposed to Holloway Road, this is actually the Aldwych branch platform at Holborn.
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An apparently Uxbridge-bound Standard Stock train pulls in...
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The guard keeps watch as the train pulls out.
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When their train arrives at Holborn, however, not only does the destination board now indicate Hounslow, but it is also actually the north/eastbound platform, rather than what should logically be the south/westbound one!
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A small boy on the escalator seems fascinated by...
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... a certain poster, but naturally he gets a clip round the ear for it (and quite right, too!). Stella and Bob outside Leslie Green's original entrance to Leicester Square station.
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Charles Holden's 1930s additional entrance to the station is visible in the centre-left in this shot. Note the vertical poles across the entrance to the station, designed to control the flow of crowds. These are also visible in the first episode of the 1966 TV series Adam Adamant Lives!
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The Underground diagram visible in the background is Harry Beck's 1952 quad royal poster.

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