The Passionate Friends [1948 feature film]

In this adaptation of H.G.Wells' novel of the same name, Ann Todd contemplates throwing herself onto the rails at "Park Street" Tube station. The sequence shows her entering a sub-surface ticket hall, walking over to the ticket machines, before the camera tracks right to follow her as she moves past the ticket collector at the head of the escalators.  She then descends the escalators, and immediately turns left at the bottom onto the platform. She is then seen coming out of the passageway onto the platform itself, walking the short distance almost to the end of it.

Although it has been claimed that this scene, "is a mix of studio reconstruction and models,"1 this is barely credible given the complexity and authenticity of the locations seen. Close-ups of the indicator board state the next two trains are to North Acton and Ealing Broadway, suggesting a Central Line station, while visible but indistinct directional signs seem to indicate an interchange with another line.  With its distinctive inside curve, Bank station's eastbound Central Line platform seems likely candidate, despite the station being radically redesigned since the film was made. Return to the first image, although shot at night, it clearly shows the entrance to the station set into the Bank of England itself.

The production still at the end of this page (now vastly upgraded!) clarifies matters, though, with the directional sign to both the Bank branch of the Northern Line and the Waterloo and City both visible.  It is also notable that the name "PARK STREET" - in non-LT Johnston typeface - appears to be printed on a sheet of paper pasted over the roundel behind Ann Todd.

[With thanks to Julian Knott]

1 Horton, Glyn. Horton's Guide to Britain's Railways in Feature Films. Kettering: Silver Link, 2009 2nd edition (page 180).

In actual fact, the passageway on the left is not that seen at the foot of the escalators, but one much closer to the end of the platform.
Although the wide shots are the eastbound Central Line platform, this is the indicator board from the westbound.

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