The Human Jungle - Struggle for a Mind [20/02/65 ITV/ABC]

In this episode of the psychiatric drama series (!), Liz Cross (Joan Collins - before she got so old and raddled that only Oliver Tobias would have her) strips off while walking down to the platforms at what is now "Embankment," but at the time was "Charing Cross" station serving the Circle/District/Northern/Bakerloo Lines. The exterior is the real northern/ Villiers Street façade, and the platforms seen may very well be the Bakerloo Line ones, but everything else was very obviously shot on a set - with the escalator perhaps being another location, suitably dressed - although a creditable attempt has been made at authenticity.

The Tube Diagram visible at the foot of the escalator is the infamous and graphically-harsh 1960 "redesign" by London Transport publicity officer Harold F Hutchison, which unilaterally ended the long-standing "gentleman's agreement" between LT and the designer of the original - and demonstrably superior - diagram, Harry Beck. Before this programme will have been made, however, Hutchison's sub-standard effort was superseded by a diagram designed by senior LT employee Paul E Garbutt, who produced something more in keeping with Beck's previous work, but also included some innovations of his own (e.g. the distinctive "Thermos Flask" shape formed by the Circle Line).

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