Till Death Us Do Part [1968 feature film]

This feature film covers covers the experiences before and during the Second World War of BBC  TV's Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell) , including sheltering from an air raid on the platform of Old Street station, then gobbing off to an RAF officer who alights from a 1938 Stock train. Although some sources attribute this location to Aldwych station1, visible decorative tiling patterns shows that it is actually the platform at Holborn serving that branch2 (Images 2, 3 & 8), while the signal box at the Aldwych end can also be seen (Image 4, top-left). The station name on the roundel visible in image 3 has been covered with a large blue sticker, over which is a smaller one in a slightly diffrent shade of b lue with the under-sized "OLD STREET" in non-Johnston typeface has been stuck (Image 3).

1 Horton, Glyn. Horton's Guide to Britain's Railways in Feature Films. Kettering: Silver Link, 2009 2nd edition (page 180).
2 Rose, Douglas. Tiles of the Unexpected. London: Douglas Rose, 2007 (page 96).

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