The Black Windmill [1974 feature film]

In this Don Siegel-directed thriller, while being tailed through central London, British spy John Tarrant (Michael Caine) attempts to give his followers the slip by darting into an Underground station  and then onto a train, but one of them manages to get into the car behind him before it moves off. Tarrant then jumps out at the next station, twatting his tail pursuer with his briefcase, and then legging it up the emergency staircase, and out into the street. The station entrance is the secondary Surrey Street one of "Aldwych," as are cross-passageways, but the platform is actually the "Aldwych" branch one at "Holborn." The same platform is then re-used for the second station, suitably dressed with Central line and "Shepherd's Bush" signage and roundels, although a single "Holborn" one is visible as the train pulls in (image 10). The cross-passageways and stairs then seen are again at "Aldwych," but the exterior is the actual "Shepherd's Bush." It can probably be inferred that the first station was meant to represent an adjacent Central line one, presumably "Holland Park," since the next one in the opposite direction is the above-ground "White City."

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