Runners [1983 feature film]

In Stephen Poliakoff's first film script, Tom Lindsay (James Fox) finally tracks down his 13 year-old daughter, Rachel (Kate Hardie), two years after she ran away from their Midlands home. After an anonymous tip-off, he spots her with a group of friends in the street, and follows her into "Maida Vale" station, but is stunned when the reunion is not what he has expected or hoped for....

Curiously, director Charles Sturridge shoots the scene in such a way that it is only once they are inside the building that it actually becomes clear - from the London Underground roundels above the staircase - that it is a Tube station. One possible explanation is that the script calls for a location in South London, while "Maida Vale" - instantly recognisable by it's distinctive Stanley Heap exterior in the style of Leslie Green - is in the North of the city.

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