Rumpole of the Bailey: Rumpole and the Children of the Devil [29/10/92#1 ITV/New Penny Productions for Thames Television]

In this episode of the long-running series, Horace Rumpole (the late, great Leo McKern) enters "Temple" District/Circle Line station and buys a return to "Knightsbridge." Meanwhile, Hilda Rumpole - "She Who Must Be Obeyed!" - (Mark 3, Marion Mathie) is at "Gloucester Road" buying a return to the "Knightsbridge," as well. She boards a Piccadilly Line train, but is stunned to see Horace in the next car, when he is supposed to be working. This is actually more odd, really, as the most logical route for him would be to take a westbound train from Temple, and change to a Eastbound Piccadilly Line one at "South Kensington," i.e. before reaching "Gloucester Road." Given that he is already on the train when Hilda gets on, he must have boarded at "Earls Court," if not some other station further west! He could have only taken a westbound District Line train in order to do that (Circle Line trains branch off to "High Street Kensington" after "Gloucester Road"), so perhaps they weren't stopping at "South Kensington" or "Gloucester Road" that day?! In any case, they both detrain at "Knightsbridge," with Hilda following her husband from a discrete distance....

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