Rich and Strange [1931 feature film]

In this early Alfred Hitchcock film, Fred Hill (Henry Kendall) has a rather bad journey home on the Central line, achieved with a good mix of footage shot on location and in the studio.The entrance in image 1, and escalator in image 2, for example, as obviously is the platform in images 4 &and 5, which is clearly the eastbound Central line one at "Bank," but this is actual footage re-used from the 1928 film Underground. Close-ups such as in images 3 and 6, though, appear to be in the studio. As seen from the signs in the background, the shot for image 6 was actually reversed for some reason. The actual train interiors, whilst generally consistent with Central line stock at the time, have enough differences in detail to suggest a mock-up, albeit a very good one.

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