Honest [2000 feature film]

The rather woeful three-quarters-of-All Saints vehicle features two scenes set on the Underground. The first - fairly innocuous - one, has the girls travelling on a train, whilst dressed - rather unconvincingly - as men. Although clearly shot on the "Aldwych" branch, the in-car diagrams suggest a Northern line train.

Less impressively, a car chase ends when the VW camper van the girls and an accomplice are in drives not only into "Mornington Crescent" station, but manages to get some distance "inside" before becoming wedged tight! The supposed station frontage could be anywhere, as could the rather unconvincing wood panel-lined "tunnel," but one suspects from the downward incline that it may have been mocked-up in a multi-storey car park.

After the quartet escape through the camper van's broken windscreen, they turn a right-handed corner in front of them and then emerge into the station ticket hall, before running down the emergency stairs, and onto a train, with their psychotic pursuer close on their heals. All this was shot at "Aldwych," with the long corridor entrance from the Strand being redressed at the end to suggest it as being closed due to building work.

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