Harry's Game [25/10/82#1 ITV/Yorkshire Television]

In the first episode of Yorkshire Television's adaptation of Gerald Seymour's novel, Charlie from Casualty... er... I mean IRA assassin Billy Downes (Derek Thompson) is seen leaving Waterloo rail station (the camera having panned down from the elevated track out of Waterloo East), crossing the road, entering a subway, and then going through the Underground station . He is then seen on a Northern Line train before - improbably - exiting "Sloane Square" station. Following his murder of a Cabinet minister, while the commentary from his briefing talks erroneously of  him going from, "Sloane Square to Baker Street, then Bakerloo to Watford," Downes is more accurately seen on a Metropolitan train for the last part of his escape route. This error can be attributed to the fact when the original was published in 1975, Bakerloo Line services ran north of "Stonebridge Park," terminating at "Watford Junction." Although these services ceased on 24/09/82, only shortly befopre transmission - and therefore will still have been in place during production - towards the end they were limited to only a handful of trains in peak hours. From 04/06/84 services between "Stonebridge Park" and "Harrow & Wealdstone" only were reinstated

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