Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD [1966 feature film version]

This cinema adaptation of the original Doctor Who BBC1 TV serial featured a remarkable piece of premonition by having a Thames-side Underground station called "Embankment," even though the name was not in use by London Underground at the time. The District line part of the current "Embankment" station was opened as "Charing Cross" on 30/05/ 1870, but when the Bakerloo line platforms were added on 10/03/1906, the station serving them was named "Embankment." The latter changed to "Charing Cross (Embankment") when Northern line services were added under the same name on 06/04/14, while both changed to plain "Charing Cross" to match the District side on 09/05/15. It was not until 04/08/74 that whole complex was renamed "Charing Cross Embankment," before becoming just "Embankment" on 12/09/79. Along the same timescale, the separate "Trafalgar Square"* and "Strand" stations were renamed "Charing Cross." As seen in the film, however,  "Embankment" station apparently serves only the Bakerloo & Northern, and since there never was a use of the single-word name for a station restricted to just those two lines, it more properly fits in the "fictional" category. In the film, of course, it was not the real thing, but rather a back-lot mock-up.

See also Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth [21/11-26/12/64 BBC1 version].

Ray Brooks lies in ambush next to Paul E Garbutt's 1962 version of the the Tube diagram. The rather unrealistic rebel hide-out - too large even for a platform tunnel - behind a hidden panel in the station. Perhaps in this alternative universe there was a Deep Level Shelter at this station?!

The London Underground in Films & TV

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