The Fourth Protocol [1987 feature film]

Soviet agent George Berenson (Anton Rogers) is tailed by MI6 operatives to "Hyde Park Corner" Piccadilly Line station, at which he catches a train. Getting off at "Green Park," he realises he is being followed, and so returns to the platforms, finding his apparent followers on both of them. A subway entrance to the real first station was used, but the platform seen is the now-defunct - but in-use at the time - Jubilee Line terminus at "Charing Cross," with suitable set dressing to indicate otherwise. At "Green Park," the Jubilee Line platforms were used, rather that the station's Piccadilly Line ones, although the cross passageways appear to be "Charing Cross" again (images 8-10), as is the final shot on the platform, judging by the map on the wall of the Trafalgar Square area (image 13), which can still be seen on other platforms still in use at the station.

In a later scene. British agent John Preston (Michael Caine) is travelling home on the Tube after a hard day at the office, and observes two skinheads harrassing other passengers, especially a young black woman. Preston walks to the doors as the train pulls into "Paddington" station, standing between the two thugs, before knocking them down out just as the train stops. He then exits, leaving them both on the floor. The station the train arrives at is clearly signed as "Paddington" as Preston gets off (image 25), and since he was travelling home from central London, it would be reasonable to assume it was meant to be on the Piccadilly line. However, although there is no shot of the platform, there is a brief glimpse of an "Adlwych" roundel on the track-side wall as the train pulls in (image 22), while the train car carries a Piccadilly line diagram (image 24), clearly identifying it as the shuttle train in use on the branch at the time.

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